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Time to eat naked... nutrition basics

Look in the mirror and do you like what you see?   In my book, Naked Fitness, I want people to stop, take a look at themselves, and realize their starting point.  Naked Fitness is not about taking your clothes off, but rather stripping away the excuses and getting your best body ever. When was... Read more »

Five Steps for Better Health

According to the CDC, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in America.  One in three women, will die from CVD and one women dies every minute.  Yet the risk of cardiovascular disease can be significantly decreased with a few simple steps.  1. Count your steps.  All healthy adults ages 18-65 should be... Read more »

Naked Nutrition made simple - how to eat for a lifetime of happiness

Fitness can happen anywhere even on the front bumper of a taxi
Losing weight is a journey that few find the path to success. Unlike the celebrities who work with nutritionists, cooks, trainers, and assistants to help them plan and cook their meals, stick to their exercise programs and take care of their schedule, we have to sort out the information and arrange a game plan ourselves.... Read more »