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Water isn't the only thing you need during your workouts

Most people are told to drink water, water and more water during and after their workout to refuel. But there comes a point when you realize water isn’t enough, not to mention BORING! When you workout, your body loses more than just water, and those nutrients need to be replaced too. But, how do you... Read more »

Beer at the finish line of Shamrock Shuffle?

At the end of many races, including the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago, beer tents are lined with thirsty runners who reward themselves with a cold golden hued beverage.  Being a participant in events like this one, The Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon and many other races, it is a crowded tent and great place to relax... Read more »

Training like a pro with Gatorade for Chicago Marathon evnet

This past Saturday I visited the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago.  Gatorade Science labs invited me to take on the carb/hydration challenge.   After a signed doctor’s consent, I filled out the healthy history forms and stepped into the on site science labs. The researchers had me running on a... Read more »