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Get Fit on the Beach with ZOOMA Chicago

Now that it is finally the summer, you and your friends may be looking for ways to take advantage of the beautiful weather while exercising. With no more snow on the ground and the sun shining brightly, you probably want to get outside and do something physical! Chicago offers so many great places to go... Read more »

Online Dating Dos and Don’ts from a Relationship Expert

Online dating is becoming increasingly popular in our efficiency-obsessed society. Individuals do not want to waste their time with incompatible people, but rather want a quick and easy way to find someone who would be a good match for them. It seems easy enough, but online dating is a bit more complicated than one would... Read more »

Meal Planning And Performance Eating With Factor 75

A busy schedule can make it extremely difficult to eat right and stay fit. Often back-to-back meetings and piles of work can cause individuals to skip meals and possibly binge eat later on, both of which are unhealthy habits. A packed schedule can be the enemy, especially if you are trying to lose weight: cooking... Read more »

Mark Wahlberg's trainer gives women a workout plan - one Brik at a time

Men have an easier time building muscles and losing weight.  That said the difference in training approaches towards women warrants some expert advice.  Knowing this, Mark Wahlberg and his long-time friend and trainer, Brian Nguyen, teamed up with Nik Herold to create the Brik Fitness studio, Brik Fitness. Brian remodeled the formula he uses on Wahlberg into... Read more »

Three ways to maximize your workout

Three ways to maximize your workout
If you aren’t exercising, you are missing the opportunity to live longer, have less risk of cancers, diabetes, or heart attack, and even a better sex life. Exercise and other lifestyle behaviors are proven to make your life better. So, if you have an ongoing exercise regimen or you are just falling back into a... Read more »

Can You Really Burn Calories Doing That?

Although most people think of walking, running or biking as traditional means to burning calories, there are many activities that burn calories that could be added to your workout program.  Here are eight things that you might try to up the deficit and drop those last ten pounds. ‘Deficit’ might be a little tough to... Read more »

Hot stuff at Nike Fuel House to celebrate Greatness

This Sunday from 11:30-2pm Nike Fuelhouse in Chicago will host it’s first Greatness Games.  To celebrate the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and the opportunity for greatness in all of us, Chicago’s top trainers will be inviting their clients to compete in burning up the most fuel.Pierce “Professor P” Hutchings Fitness Professor at Body Fit... Read more »

Four Top Moves for Lean, Long, Sexy Legs.

Who wears short shorts?  You can with these simple yet bottom blasting lower body moves.   Triple Threat Start with feet on the ball legs extendedand Lift hips.Roll the ball towards your body until your feet are flat on the ball.  Squeeze the glutes and lift a little higher.Roll the ball back to starting position... Read more »

Four Must Do Moves for Your Best Bikini Bottom

It’s officially July and the heat wave may have left you wanting a hotter body or to strip to your bikini bottoms.  Don’t fret try these moves 3 times a week and see how the jiggle goes to sizzle. Tip:  The best thing about each of these exercises is that they work on multiple body... Read more »

Events to celebrate mothers in Chicago: run, walk, love

Mother’s day is always special for we recognize the “mothers” birth and adopted that have helped shape us into strong women and men.  Celebrating the day for many will come in the form or a brunch, flowers or a special present.  For those of you wishing to make a difference in the lives of women... Read more »