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Is A Vegetarian Diet Healthy?

I recently was introduced to Karyns Raw in Chicago.  It’s an amazing place where vegan, gluten free and lactose free foods are found in familiar packages.  That said, I interviewed Toby Amidor,  a registered dietitian,  to share her thoughts on this way of life. Are vegetarians are healthier than carnivores? here’s her answer: : it... Read more »

Three reasons why to eat more fish and a 10 minute meal idea

Tilapia is a great fish to add to your diet. The American Heart Association recommends adding fish to your diet at least twice a week. Tilapia is low in mercury and abundant in Omega 6 & 3. One 4 ounce serving only has 145 calories yet yields almost 30 grams of protein. I like the... Read more »

Beans make you f____ better and lose weight

The truth is beans make you feel better and with a healthy diet combining the right fruits, veggies and lean proteins… they don’t have to make you fart! Beans are a superfood you should add to  your diet. As a healthy lifestyle and fitness expert, I am always looking for ways to improve my diet. ... Read more »

Five Steps for Better Health

According to the CDC, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in America.  One in three women, will die from CVD and one women dies every minute.  Yet the risk of cardiovascular disease can be significantly decreased with a few simple steps.  1. Count your steps.  All healthy adults ages 18-65 should be... Read more »

Seven tips to fight the freshman 15

It’s almost time for fall break on many college campuses.  That means, students everywhere are journeying back home to pick up a few winter items – possibly a few jeans will not be fitting like they did the year before.  Not to worry! Try these simple tips for keeping those freshman pounds from stacking up.... Read more »

Naked Nutrition made simple - how to eat for a lifetime of happiness

Fitness can happen anywhere even on the front bumper of a taxi
Losing weight is a journey that few find the path to success. Unlike the celebrities who work with nutritionists, cooks, trainers, and assistants to help them plan and cook their meals, stick to their exercise programs and take care of their schedule, we have to sort out the information and arrange a game plan ourselves.... Read more »