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Get Fit on the Beach with ZOOMA Chicago

Now that it is finally the summer, you and your friends may be looking for ways to take advantage of the beautiful weather while exercising. With no more snow on the ground and the sun shining brightly, you probably want to get outside and do something physical! Chicago offers so many great places to go... Read more »

Flying high with Chicago Air and Water Show

There is nothing like it from the skyline of Chicago. A Blue Angels squadron flying in formation at almost 700 miles per hour ( just below the legal FAA limitations) representing the best of the best that aerial flight has to offer. The 54th Annual Chicago Air and Water Show takes place this weekend on... Read more »

Four ways to stay awake in the afternoon

Have you hit that afternoon slump? Do you feel like you need a nap in the middle of the day? It could be from a high carbohydrate lunch or maybe not enough sleep.  In either case here are a few things you can do to boost your energy in the afternoon. Try some dark chocolate!... Read more »

Events to celebrate mothers in Chicago: run, walk, love

Mother’s day is always special for we recognize the “mothers” birth and adopted that have helped shape us into strong women and men.  Celebrating the day for many will come in the form or a brunch, flowers or a special present.  For those of you wishing to make a difference in the lives of women... Read more »

Boston Marathon Course on your Pro-Form Treadmill

The Boston Marathon was established in 1887, by the Boston Athletic Association.  The B.A.A.’s Boston marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon will nearly 50,000 participants in 2012.  But realize that you have to run a marathon and qualify for this prestigious race.  This precludes many “wanna-be” runners from getting the chance to participate.  With... Read more »

Dream Bigger to Be Inspired

In the last year, I have had a best selling book, (Naked Fitness) appeared on the NBC Today show twice, flew an F16 jet fighter, traveled down under to Queensland, Australia, learned to surf in Costa Rica, and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the single tallest standing mountain in the world.  How could so many experiences... Read more »


The Premier Bike Chicago 2012 Event CHICAGO – The Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events announce that Chicago’s Bike to Work Week will take place June 11-15, 2012 as part of Bike Chicago 2012.  Presented by the City of Chicago and Goose Island Beer Company, various events will promote cycling ranging from a planned... Read more »

Get Paid to Lose Weight

Top five tips to stay motivated with your exercise program: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is airs on NBC Nonstop on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm in Chicago.  This weight loss reality show pays people $10 for every pound they lose.  Money is a great motivator and although you might not be a contestant... Read more »

Chicago Club Sweetens the Singles Scene‏

When it comes to exercising, one is the loneliest number. But if you can grab a friend or even your loved one, East Bank Club in Chicago has a few partner events on the calendar this February.  Check out their latest partner efforts to keep your fitness from being “all by yourself”: Highlights of the... Read more »

Fight cancer, ride with Chicago Bear Robbie Gould

More than 50 percent of all cancer diagnoses in the United States are classified as rare. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the US.  Yet, the research to prevent and cure the debilitating variations of cancer is often underfunded, leaving patients with limited treatment options and a bleak chance of survival.  Not too long... Read more »