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Dunkin Donuts: New Glazed Breakfast Sandwich Health?

Interesting to see what fast food offers on the healthy options. But a new breakfast sandwich enters the market with a “healthy” idea. Dunkin Donuts has introduced the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich offering 360 calories of a glazed doughnut, egg and bacon sandwich. it seems that this entry is lower in calories than three of... Read more »

Five easy things to do for better health

If you are moving towards a healthy lifestyle, the information and “have to” workouts can be overwhelming. To start stepping into a better direction and improve your health, try these five simple things you should do each morning to feel your best and looking your best every day. 1. Stretch. We see our dogs stretch.... Read more »

Do fat people skip breakfast?

Although there is no statistic that I could find about the number of people who are overweight and the number of people who skip breakfast, eating breakfast has significant impact on the body.  It’s a true fact that every mother would agree, that on the morning of a big assignment in school, they would never... Read more »

Eat breakfast - morning smoothies that won't break the calorie bank

Eat breakfast - morning smoothies that won't break the calorie bank
Naked nutrition is a way of stripping away the high calories low nutrient foods and replacing them with lower calories nutrient dense ones.  You must always eat to lose weight and people who skip breakfast are more prone to weight gain.  But when you need something fast a smoothie might be the right and wrong... Read more »