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10 Healthy Ideas

Are looking to improve your diet? Sometimes baby steps can give you giant leaps heading toward lifestyle changes. Try one or more of these simple tips each week or every other day for a jump start to living longer, happier and healthier. 1. Eat at least three veggies daily. Try to have three different colors... Read more »

Hot stuff at Nike Fuel House to celebrate Greatness

This Sunday from 11:30-2pm Nike Fuelhouse in Chicago will host it’s first Greatness Games.  To celebrate the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and the opportunity for greatness in all of us, Chicago’s top trainers will be inviting their clients to compete in burning up the most fuel.Pierce “Professor P” Hutchings Fitness Professor at Body Fit... Read more »

Four ways to stay awake in the afternoon

Have you hit that afternoon slump? Do you feel like you need a nap in the middle of the day? It could be from a high carbohydrate lunch or maybe not enough sleep.  In either case here are a few things you can do to boost your energy in the afternoon. Try some dark chocolate!... Read more »

Four Top Moves for Lean, Long, Sexy Legs.

Who wears short shorts?  You can with these simple yet bottom blasting lower body moves.   Triple Threat Start with feet on the ball legs extendedand Lift hips.Roll the ball towards your body until your feet are flat on the ball.  Squeeze the glutes and lift a little higher.Roll the ball back to starting position... Read more »

Four Must Do Moves for Your Best Bikini Bottom

It’s officially July and the heat wave may have left you wanting a hotter body or to strip to your bikini bottoms.  Don’t fret try these moves 3 times a week and see how the jiggle goes to sizzle. Tip:  The best thing about each of these exercises is that they work on multiple body... Read more »

Finding time for yourself : 8 things you can do to make more time for yourself

Who has the time these days to… exercise? relax? take a nap? read a book? Are you feeling like you’ll never get to the gym or read the book club novel this month?  Here are eight things you can do to save time and find some spare minutes for yourself. 1. Have a “Go-to” outfit. ... Read more »

Weight Loss 101: Three Things to Boost Your Metabolism

Everyone seems to understand the basics of losing weight: Weight Loss 101 equals calories in versus calories out.  However, we all have met those people that seem to eat whatever they want from chill cheese fries to ice cream sundaes that don’t gain a pound.  They claim, “I have a fast metabolism!”  — which may... Read more »

Dream Bigger to Be Inspired

In the last year, I have had a best selling book, (Naked Fitness) appeared on the NBC Today show twice, flew an F16 jet fighter, traveled down under to Queensland, Australia, learned to surf in Costa Rica, and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the single tallest standing mountain in the world.  How could so many experiences... Read more »

Dream a new life: Andrea Metcalf to help women create their dream lives

 With a troop of Chicago’s most successful and inspirational women, Fitness Personality and “Naked Fitness” Author Andrea Metcalf will unleash the secrets to creating the life of one’s dreams during her Women’s Dream Conference at Centered Chef on April 13, 2012.  The Women’s Dream Conference is a networking and coaching event designed to offer women a... Read more »