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Looking for flat belly like Mark Wahlberg - flatten your abs forever

If you can’t remember the Calvin Klein ad with Mark Wahlberg in his tighty whities, than you haven’t lived!  It was the most memorable campaign that put six-pack abs on the map.  Heading into my 45th birthday on Oct 8th, I’ve found that the “forty something” waistline needs a little help to stay slim and... Read more »

Strip away the excuses with Andrea Metcalf's Naked Fitness Fitlosophy

You don’t have to take your clothes off, to feel good in your own skin. Naked Fitness. “I know you’re thinking, “What is that? Does it mean I have to work out in the nude? Prance around in my birthday suit?” The very idea of revealing your goods can be utterly terrifying. The primary reason... Read more »