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Can green coffee bean extract be the cure?

Obesity rates around the world have doubled since 1980.   It’s no wonder that everyone is looking for that magic bullet to jump start their weight management program.  So, what’s the latest diet craze?  Green coffee bean extract!  Can weight loss be as easy as a Green Coffee Bean?    It’s been featured on Dr.... Read more »

Five habits that are keeping you fat

Losing weight can sometimes be a hassle. No matter how much you exercise, measure your food or try the latest dieting trend, you still find yourself not making the progress you want. Maybe you do make the progress you want, but gain the weight back. If you find yourself constantly struggling on this weight-loss yo-yo,... Read more »

Mark Wahlberg's trainer gives women a workout plan - one Brik at a time

Men have an easier time building muscles and losing weight.  That said the difference in training approaches towards women warrants some expert advice.  Knowing this, Mark Wahlberg and his long-time friend and trainer, Brian Nguyen, teamed up with Nik Herold to create the Brik Fitness studio, Brik Fitness. Brian remodeled the formula he uses on Wahlberg into... Read more »

Three ways to maximize your workout

Three ways to maximize your workout
If you aren’t exercising, you are missing the opportunity to live longer, have less risk of cancers, diabetes, or heart attack, and even a better sex life. Exercise and other lifestyle behaviors are proven to make your life better. So, if you have an ongoing exercise regimen or you are just falling back into a... Read more »

Can You Really Burn Calories Doing That?

Although most people think of walking, running or biking as traditional means to burning calories, there are many activities that burn calories that could be added to your workout program.  Here are eight things that you might try to up the deficit and drop those last ten pounds. ‘Deficit’ might be a little tough to... Read more »

Four ways to stay awake in the afternoon

Have you hit that afternoon slump? Do you feel like you need a nap in the middle of the day? It could be from a high carbohydrate lunch or maybe not enough sleep.  In either case here are a few things you can do to boost your energy in the afternoon. Try some dark chocolate!... Read more »

Finding time for yourself : 8 things you can do to make more time for yourself

Who has the time these days to… exercise? relax? take a nap? read a book? Are you feeling like you’ll never get to the gym or read the book club novel this month?  Here are eight things you can do to save time and find some spare minutes for yourself. 1. Have a “Go-to” outfit. ... Read more »

Weight Loss 101: Three Things to Boost Your Metabolism

Everyone seems to understand the basics of losing weight: Weight Loss 101 equals calories in versus calories out.  However, we all have met those people that seem to eat whatever they want from chill cheese fries to ice cream sundaes that don’t gain a pound.  They claim, “I have a fast metabolism!”  — which may... Read more »

Events to celebrate mothers in Chicago: run, walk, love

Mother’s day is always special for we recognize the “mothers” birth and adopted that have helped shape us into strong women and men.  Celebrating the day for many will come in the form or a brunch, flowers or a special present.  For those of you wishing to make a difference in the lives of women... Read more »

Boston Marathon Course on your Pro-Form Treadmill

The Boston Marathon was established in 1887, by the Boston Athletic Association.  The B.A.A.’s Boston marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon will nearly 50,000 participants in 2012.  But realize that you have to run a marathon and qualify for this prestigious race.  This precludes many “wanna-be” runners from getting the chance to participate.  With... Read more »