Burger King Offers Low Fat Fries

Recently announced by Burger King is their addition to the fry category: "Satisfries" are coming to a King near you with less fat, sodium and calories than their regular fry offering. But really what's the point? Why can't we just have junk food that is a reward in the calorie per pleasure category.
With the American obesity epidemic does a lower calorie fry product really make a dent. What America needs is a movement to move. We need to be encouraging people to stand up for themselves and take the time to get a workout in at least 150 minutes per week.

What we see is no matter if you exercise for 1 minute up to 30 times a day, three ten minute workouts or a 30 minute walk... the benefits are bountiful. Whatever you can do to raise your heart rate and get the blood flowing ( even sex ) is a good idea.
I'm excited that if this new product saves someone who just can't stop themselves from having a cheeseburger and a fry order a few calories but really? We realize that it is a calorie counting strategy that most people use to lose weight and be healthy, but a calorie is not a calorie.

Does one Hershey Kiss of 35 calories have the same nutritional benefit as a half a banana? Hopefully most people know the difference!

This is not the solution. Please share with me your thoughts on this lower calorie low nutrient food offered.


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  • Agreed, particularly since when I have a craving the "healthy" version of that craving rarely satisfies and leaves me wanting to splurge again. I try to eat healthier most of the time, but if I want fries I want real fries.

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    In reply to Kim Z Dale:

    Kim have you tired making sweet potato fries? They are healthy and way easy to make! Saves you all the temptation to splurge :)

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