Chicago Hasana, Inc. launching store in Lincoln Park to benefit Aparecio Foundation

Giving back to the community is important. I have done work with The Aparecio Foundation in the past which works to lift women out of poverty with education. A group of girls I mentored in the realm of health and fitness this past summer took mentorship and community development to a whole new level when they created a luxury jewelry line, Hasana Inc. All of Hasana Inc.'s net profits go directly to the Aparecio Foundation.

The Aparecio Foundation aims to connect young women with resources to optimize their potential. It is completely grassroots-based and collaborates with low-income women to connect them to higher education opportunities. The Aparecio Foundation believes education is the way out of the cycle of poverty, and they have come up with a creative way to establish communal support for the cause. I know I wouldn't blink twice if I knew my new earrings were potentially connecting a young woman with a successful future.

The twenties-themed boutique will feature Hasana Inc. products as well as incorporate a "store within a store" concept by hosting local designers. You don't have to be a rich guest to Gatsby's next big party to shop at this boutique--products range anywhere from $34-$400.

Social awareness and runway ready have finally united with Hasana Inc.'s new store. You can finally indulge in luxury and not feel a bit of guilt. Now that's a win-win.

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