Weight Loss Success: What's Next?

After the pounds fall off.

It's hard work, consistency, a change in mindset and scheduled appointments with trainers, the gym and yourself that lead to a successful weight loss program. But when you've lost 40, 50, 100 pounds, there can be a let down that occurs and your good habits start to slide. With that said, check out these five moments you might encounter after the weight loss and how to handle them to not become that yo-yo dieter that is all too common.

Alias Moments. When you've lost a significant amount of weight, two things can happen when you meet someone. If they knew you when you were heavier, they may walk right past you or totally not recognize who you've dwindled down to and if they are meeting you for the first time, you may find that they just cannot begin to understand that you've been overweight. Remember that you have to live in the moment and recognize that these changes you've achieved are well deserved and be proud of your accomplishment.

Postpartum Blues. Like after the excitement of having a baby, the excitement of losing weight can deflate your dedication and mood. It seems that when you're the center of attention for your success there is always "new news" for others. To shift the excitement start a bliss jar. Kym Douglas, Blissologist and the highest returning guest on the Ellen show, says take a simple jar and daily write on a small piece of paper each day reminding you of something wonderful that happened that day. Maybe someone smiled at you on the elevator and pushed the button or put away your dishes in the sink for you. The more simple acts of kindness that you recognize and are grateful for, the happier in general you will be.

Reflection Rejection. You may find that even after you've lost the weight, you still see that old image in the mirror and in your mind. Take a moment each day to see yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of the journey and your own heart. You are the same person. You still have your true friends, integrity and a wonderful world.

The New You. Once you've lost the weight it's time to get a few new outfits, tailor some of your old favorites and start living in your new skin. It can be an exciting transformation but there's no need to break the bank. Remember simplicity and basics are all you need to start. Take time to enjoy and develop your new identity. You may even start to wear more colors instead of hiding in blacks and browns. Be ready to accept the notoriety and realize there's only a small time in the spotlight until the next person gets their opportunity to shine.

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