Pamper Me Fabulous Event Helps Women Destress

Between work, family, and a busy schedule, it can be difficult to squeeze enough "me time" into your week. Time to relax is essential to good health - it allows you to de-stress, decompress and reflect. Even the hardest working women need their breaks and to be able to remind themselves that they deserve a little luxury in their lives. Whenever you feel over-worked or burnt out, a little trip to the spa or a power walk with a close friend can be just the pick-me-up you need.

How Should You Destress?

If you need something a bit more extreme, Pamper Me Fabulous is a great way option to help you unwind and have a girls' day. Pamper Me Fabulous is an event that travels across the country, sharing new beauty and fitness products and helping women feel good about themselves. Pamper Me Fabulous allows women to have a full day of luxury, letting them explore the different stations that they offer and receive spa treatments with their friends. Participants are treated to goodies like manicures, massages, makeup treatments, and food and are free to roam from station to station throughout the duration of the event. The Pamper Me Fabulous Chicago event will be held on June 23rd at the River East Art Center from 11AM-5PM.

What does Pamper Me Fabulous offer?

Pamper Me Fabulous aims to reward and empower women's mind, body, and spirit and makes them feel as special as they truly are. The day will be jam-packed with learning opportunities about health and fitness. From purchasing an event ticket, individuals will gain access to the bazaar, where they can discover, sample, and purchase the hottest beauty, fashion and health products. They can also visit the activity area, which includes fitness classes, crafts, and a photobooth, as well as the expert corner that include motivational speakers and professionals to conduct discussions. At the end of the day, participants will receive a gift bag to take home more goodies from sponsors that include Dermalogica, Sparkling Ice, reJuvenator, Godiva, and more. Sometimes all you need to boost your mood is a movie night with some buttery popcorn, but if you and your friends are in need of a full day of pampering, Pamper Me Fabulous Chicago is a great option.

For free tickets to the event, please use the promotional code "fecvip."

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