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Pamper Me Fabulous Event Helps Women Destress

Between work, family, and a busy schedule, it can be difficult to squeeze enough “me time” into your week. Time to relax is essential to good health – it allows you to de-stress, decompress and reflect. Even the hardest working women need their breaks and to be able to remind themselves that they deserve a... Read more »

Online Dating Dos and Don’ts from a Relationship Expert

Online dating is becoming increasingly popular in our efficiency-obsessed society. Individuals do not want to waste their time with incompatible people, but rather want a quick and easy way to find someone who would be a good match for them. It seems easy enough, but online dating is a bit more complicated than one would... Read more »

Losing Weight Online: One Year Plan Can Work

Finding a positive support team to surround yourself with can be one of the most difficult parts of a weight loss journey. When you want to make such a serious change in your life, it is imperative that you have people in your life who can encourage you along the way. However, many people find... Read more »

Meal Planning And Performance Eating With Factor 75

A busy schedule can make it extremely difficult to eat right and stay fit. Often back-to-back meetings and piles of work can cause individuals to skip meals and possibly binge eat later on, both of which are unhealthy habits. A packed schedule can be the enemy, especially if you are trying to lose weight: cooking... Read more »

Rooftop Yoga Helps Chicagoans Stay Fit

Each Wednesday morning, several Chicagoans gather on the roof of the Hotel Lincoln to participate in a relaxing one-hour yoga session taught by Equinox yoga instructors. The class begins at seven in the morning, and all individuals need to bring is their own mat. They then spend the next hour in moves called Sun Salutation... Read more »


Weight Loss Success: What's Next?

After the pounds fall off. It’s hard work, consistency, a change in mindset and scheduled appointments with trainers, the gym and yourself that lead to a successful weight loss program. But when you’ve lost 40, 50, 100 pounds, there can be a let down that occurs and your good habits start to slide. With that... Read more »

10 Healthy Ideas

Are looking to improve your diet? Sometimes baby steps can give you giant leaps heading toward lifestyle changes. Try one or more of these simple tips each week or every other day for a jump start to living longer, happier and healthier. 1. Eat at least three veggies daily. Try to have three different colors... Read more »

Dunkin Donuts: New Glazed Breakfast Sandwich Health?

Interesting to see what fast food offers on the healthy options. But a new breakfast sandwich enters the market with a “healthy” idea. Dunkin Donuts has introduced the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich offering 360 calories of a glazed doughnut, egg and bacon sandwich. it seems that this entry is lower in calories than three of... Read more »