Dunkin Donuts: New Glazed Breakfast Sandwich Health?

Interesting to see what fast food offers on the healthy options. But a new breakfast sandwich enters the market with a "healthy" idea. Dunkin Donuts has introduced the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich offering 360 calories of a glazed doughnut, egg and bacon sandwich.
it seems that this entry is lower in calories than three of their other breakfast option including the Biscuit, Bagel and Croissant with Egg, Bacon and Cheese-- they all are higher in calories than the 360 on the Glazed Doughnut new comer. Although breakfast is essential for getting the body's metabolism started after the eight hour rest from dinner and sleep, is a doughnut really the best option.
Dunkin Donuts also offers a MultiGrain Bagel which is around the same calories but offers 8 grams of fiver and 15 grams of protein. If you're healthy conscious and thinking that breakfast is important to have with their well known coffee, than maybe skipping the Glazed Doughnut Sandwich and having a bagel with fruit is a better option.

Just saying, I'm all for a breakfast under 400 calories with good protein that people will eat. But I just can't get over the thought of a doughnut being healthy for breakfast.

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