Mark Wahlberg's trainer gives women a workout plan - one Brik at a time

Men have an easier time building muscles and losing weight.  That said the difference in training approaches towards women warrants some expert advice.  Knowing this, Mark Wahlberg and his long-time friend and trainer, Brian Nguyen, teamed up with Nik Herold to create the Brik Fitness studio, Brik Fitness. Brian remodeled the formula he uses on Wahlberg into a female friendly all-in-one workout. The formula (Brik Fitness) is a blueprint that leads clients on the road to successfully achieving their health and weight goals.

The Brik Fitness studio launches just in time for the holidays, and will help clients get on the right track for 2013. Brian and Nik share why their formula works, their reasoning for having an all-woman workout and tips on working out when you think you don’t have enough time.


Q: Why a gender tailored program?

A: Everyone needs a plan and men and women are different. It's simple.  If you want to go somewhere, you need a map.  If your destination is to lose two pants sizes, then you need to know where you are (START) and where you want to go (END). Seek the advice of a professional to help you map out the route.


Q: How do you see Mark balance his career, family and health, and how can you parlay advice of what you've seen for women to do the same?

A: Mark Wahlberg does a great job of prioritizing his health.  He realizes that he is the engine for his family.  So many of us take ourselves off the priority list, in order to give more attention to work, kids, etc.  However, it's like the oxygen mask on an airplane, we must take care of ourselves first in order to be better for those who need us. Once you consider being active for at least 30 minutes a day like brushing teeth, it becomes less of a chore.  Also, Mark doesn't work out alone. Find some social support and workout with someone to keep you in the game.  ( I wouldn’t mind being Mark’s workout partner- just saying!)


Q: What’s the biggest differentiation factor for successful training?

A: Social support! Whether it's working out with a friend, family or coach, having someone else will help keep you motivated and make the experience more enjoyable.  This is why Brik Fitness only offers semi-private and group training. It is just THAT important to have social support.
Q:  What are five must do moves that women need in their weekly fitness programs?

A: The five must do moves are:
1.  Foam roll - We develop tight muscles through our daily routines (sitting,  driving, etc), and it's important to loosen them  up to prevent any injuries.

2.  Jump rope - A great warm-up and a great exercise to help your posture and  metabolism.

3.  Plank exercises -  A strong core is a stable one.  Forget crunches as they only  work one side.  Planks work all 4 sides of your core.

4.  The inverted row - This exercise is a huge bang for your buck since it  addresses that shoulder slump and weak backside.

5.  Dead lift - Time to pick up some weight off the floor!  Again, whether using a  bar, a kettlebell or dumbells, it's so important to strengthen your backside.


Having a work out partner is a great way to help you stay accountable for your workouts. Having a body blueprint that adheres to your specific needs and capabilities help you to get on the right track and stay focused. Following Brian and Nik’s tips from Brik Fitness will help you have more fun losing weight and keep you on the right track.   Hey it works for Mark Wahlberg?


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