Water isn't the only thing you need during your workouts

Most people are told to drink water, water and more water during and after their workout to refuel. But there comes a point when you realize water isn’t enough, not to mention BORING! When you workout, your body loses more than just water, and those nutrients need to be replaced too. But, how do you replace nutrients and sore muscles with more than just water?

During an intense workout lasting longer than 60 minutes, your body loses more than just water.  It loses potassium and sodium. You must refuel after your workout with something that will replenish these nutrients or you're workouts will suffer.  You'll be less likely to continue the intensity and with fatigue poor form, a change in posture, or lack of concentration can set in.

During your workouts, you should break a sweat.  Sweat is the body's cooling mechanism that occurs when you are burning up calories. We don't just sweat water, however, we lose other minerals like potassium and sodium.  It might make sense that since you lose sodium while working out, you should replenish with something salty. However, eating a salty snack, such as pretzels and chips – are things to avoid. Plus, Potassium is more important to replenish than sodium.

So if you only  drink water, you should also have a great snack that provides an equal amount of potassium and sodium. You could opt for a banana with peanut butter put these ingredients into a blender with low-fat chocolate milk to make a healthy smoothie, but it may not be as convenient as twisting open a sports hydration drink like Gatorade.

Gatorade has always been on the cutting edge of science for the best athletic performance. For during your workout try Gatorade’s G Series G2. G2 has only 20 calories but the right amount of sodium and potassium to replace what you're sweating out. For after workouts try the G Series Recovery Shake.  It provides 20 grams of protein to ensure the proper muscle recovery.  It's important to hydrate during and after. But remember that after the workout you'll also need protein to refuel and help rebuild muscles.

Bottom line is, working out burns calories and your body needs to hydrate during, after , as well as refuel when the workout is complete. Be smart and think about what you’re body needs--Water alone isn’t enough.

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