Core values are starting at Equinox - new class in Chicago

Core values are starting at Equinox - new class in Chicago
Belief in Core Values

The core is something that everyone is talking about. From six pack abs to strengthening it for a better back, your core muscles are key to good posture and a lean body.
But there is more to it than just working out, Equinox instructor Jen Hoag introduced a new format about strengthening your midline with core values. The class isn't just about your waistline but using weekly messaging within the workout routine. A circuit style class offers the participants more individual attention and the ability to customize the levels. Plus the class offers bi-weekly changes to the movement patterns to achieve some amazing strength moves which one might see in a cross section of yoga and Cirque de Solei.
Check with your local Equinox Fitness Club for class schedules and be sure to check out this new class: Core Values
I loved the class and think you will too! Bringing the focus to a mind body connection is something I believe in. If you take the class, let me know your thoughts?


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