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Five easy things to do for better health

If you are moving towards a healthy lifestyle, the information and “have to” workouts can be overwhelming. To start stepping into a better direction and improve your health, try these five simple things you should do each morning to feel your best and looking your best every day. 1. Stretch. We see our dogs stretch.... Read more »

Core values are starting at Equinox - new class in Chicago

Core values are starting at Equinox - new class in Chicago
The core is something that everyone is talking about. From six pack abs to strengthening it for a better back, your core muscles are key to good posture and a lean body. But there is more to it than just working out, Equinox instructor Jen Hoag introduced a new format about strengthening your midline with... Read more »

Water isn't the only thing you need during your workouts

Most people are told to drink water, water and more water during and after their workout to refuel. But there comes a point when you realize water isn’t enough, not to mention BORING! When you workout, your body loses more than just water, and those nutrients need to be replaced too. But, how do you... Read more »