Can You Really Burn Calories Doing That?

Although most people think of walking, running or biking as traditional means to burning calories, there are many activities that burn calories that could be added to your workout program.  Here are eight things that you might try to up the deficit and drop those last ten pounds. 'Deficit' might be a little tough to understand. Can you add an explanation or alternate wording?

1) Suck it up - Although the vacuum does most of the work, believe or not vacuuming can burn more than 250 calories an hour for a 150 pound person.  It is great upper body work that tones the arms and uses the core too.
Bonus:   Think of pulling in the belly and alternating the pushing/pulling arm every 5 minutes.  Or pick up a broom and sweep your arms sexy.
2) Green Cuts - Believe it or not, mowing the lawn is a great fitness activity, especially if you use a push mower without the self rolling wheels.  Mowing the lawn can burn over 500 calories per hour.  That's more than walking up hill for the same amount of time!
Bonus: try running on every other pass on across the lawn for a clean lined lawn and more calories blasted.
3) Hide and Seek - Although it's a kids game, playing with your kids can burn up to 400 calories per hour.  Simply bending, rolling, running, skipping and jumping with your kids can be energizing and a great connection point too.  Think of the fun memories you'll earn too.
Bonus: don't forget other activities like hula hoop, hopscotch or heading to the park and playing on the monkey bars too.

4) Garden party - Believe it or not, planting flowers can free your mind and dress up your yard but can burn approximately 300 calories per hour.  The fun you'll have seeing the tulips pop out of the earth will brighten the cloudiest days and connect you more with your home.
Bonus: remember every time you plant a tree it is good for the environment because of the oxygen it provides but it also enhances emotional responses in people as well.
5) Dog gone it - If you're dog is fat, you're not getting enough exercise--but neither are they.  Simply walking the dog more often than only once a day can add a significant calorie debt to your balance sheet.  Better yet, fit dogs, like people, tend to have less reasons to go to the doctor, less chance of cancers, and less risk of joint ailments.
Bonus: work your waistline with your canine and try some Paws-Ilates moves like pup plies. Simply pick up your dog cradling the whole body and with feet wide bend the knees and return to standing.

6) Strike it up - The average bowling ball weighs ten pounds.  Every frame you pick up this weight at least two times.  Multiply that calorie burn and you'll add to 250 calories or more per hour.  The worse you are at bowling though, the more calories you'll burn.  Plus your brain can get some exercise with the simple adding up the pins and keeping score. Great idea but not very summery

7) Shoot Pool - Not talking about swimming, that's an easy cardio to pick up.  Try picking up a pool stick and shoot some pool.  You can burn around 230 calories an hour with shooting balls into the pockets.  Plus you can connect with friends and if you stay on your feet between turns, you can strengthen the lower body too. Great idea but not very summery

8) Ping it - Although Ping is the first name in golf, it is a great game with a large table.  Table tennis can be a great cardio workout, especially if you play against a machine.  New ball serving machines can keep you moving and hitting a ping pong ball against your opponent can burn up to 300 calories per hour.  Maybe outdoor sport instead? Combining badminton and croquet or throwing a frisbee.

Try something different to up your calorie deficit.

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