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Flying high with Chicago Air and Water Show

There is nothing like it from the skyline of Chicago. A Blue Angels squadron flying in formation at almost 700 miles per hour ( just below the legal FAA limitations) representing the best of the best that aerial flight has to offer. The 54th Annual Chicago Air and Water Show takes place this weekend on... Read more »

Can You Really Burn Calories Doing That?

Although most people think of walking, running or biking as traditional means to burning calories, there are many activities that burn calories that could be added to your workout program.  Here are eight things that you might try to up the deficit and drop those last ten pounds. ‘Deficit’ might be a little tough to... Read more »

Hot stuff at Nike Fuel House to celebrate Greatness

This Sunday from 11:30-2pm Nike Fuelhouse in Chicago will host it’s first Greatness Games.  To celebrate the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and the opportunity for greatness in all of us, Chicago’s top trainers will be inviting their clients to compete in burning up the most fuel.Pierce “Professor P” Hutchings Fitness Professor at Body Fit... Read more »

You make it happen!

In your forties, fifties, sixties and beyond, it’s important to take the time for yourself. A regular exercise program and healthy diet can help keep your weight down and energy up. A little can go a long way, so try a few of these simple tips: Every Step Counts I recommend getting 30 minutes of... Read more »