Four Top Moves for Lean, Long, Sexy Legs.

Who wears short shorts?  You can with these simple yet bottom blasting lower body moves.


Triple Threat

Start with feet on the ball legs extendedand Lift hips.Roll the ball towards your body until your feet are flat on the ball.  Squeeze the glutes and lift a little higher.Roll the ball back to starting position and lower the hips.  Perform 15-20 reps.This 3 point attack firms the back side of the legs.

Saddle Bags Buster

Start in side plank with one knee bent and hips lifted. Keeping hips lifted swing the top leg forward and back 10 times then hold and cirlce the leg forward and back 10x.  Repeat on the other side

Mini Lunges

Start with feet together standing tall.  Step forward about 6-8 “ lowering hips and keeping back flat.  Push back to standing position and repeat on the other side.  Alternate mini lunges for a total of 30 repetitions. These can be done on a flat surface but for more challege, try starting on a 6-8” platform and step down to the floor on the front step of each move.


Start in standing position with right leg to side.  Twist the waistline and swing the leg across the body. Swing leg back to side and land in Plie or open squat.  Then push from  here as you swing the knee up and across.  Return to start position.

Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle spokesperson, best selling author of Naked Fitness, and producer of Today TV Live- a brand new live streaming, live audience based interactive network.She is a certified personal trainer and fitness expert in Chicago.

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