Four Must Do Moves for Your Best Bikini Bottom

It's officially July and the heat wave may have left you wanting a hotter body or to strip to your bikini bottoms.  Don't fret try these moves 3 times a week and see how the jiggle goes to sizzle.

Tip:  The best thing about each of these exercises is that they work on multiple body parts at once.  Try each one alternating with a 3 minute cardio like jumping rope or stairs for a total body 20 minute workout.

Side Walk Leg Kick

Start with a resistance band around your ankles.  Step to the side and then lift the back leg to the back corner. Lower the foot and step again to the side moving 10 steps then repeat in the other direction.  If you don’t have resistance cuffs or stretch bands perform the squat deeper and lift the kick leg a little higher.

Plank 3 Count Combo

Start in a plank position and bring your knee to chest on count 1.   Kick the leg straight back 2 and cross over the other on 3. Change sides and perform 20 alternating combos.


Start in a seated position an lift legs extended as you reach arms parallel to legs. Bend arms to chest and rotate and twist.  Extend back to starting position and perform on the other side.  Lower feet and sit tall.  Repeat 15-20 repetitions. Beginners can opt to keep feet on the floor for the entire exercise.

Plank Row and Reach

Start with a 3-5 pound weight in one hand extended to the front  in a plank position.  Pull the weight to the hips and then twist toward ceiling and reach.  Return to starting position and perform 12-15 reps on each side. Beginners can opt to leave one knee on the ground throughout the movement.

Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle spokesperson, best selling author of Naked Fitness, and producer of Today TV Live- a brand new live streaming, live audience based interactive network.She is a certified personal trainer and fitness expert in Chicago.

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