Dream Bigger to Be Inspired

In the last year, I have had a best selling book, (Naked Fitness) appeared on the NBC Today show twice, flew an F16 jet fighter, traveled down under to Queensland, Australia, learned to surf in Costa Rica, and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the single tallest standing mountain in the world.  How could so many experiences be possible? - Networking and dreaming beyond what I thought of my boundaries!

Like living healthy and making good choices of what one puts into their body, there are choices we make everyday that center our lives.  We create them.  We cannot be responsible for others actions or acts of nature, but how we react and what we believe is clearly up to us.  We shape our lives and can chose to live our dreams.

This week is the Women's Dream Conference in  Chicago.  We have put together a conference to help inspire women to make a difference.  More than twenty successful, entrepreneurial women speakers from around the country will share their secrets at the Women's Dream Conference.  This event put together by myself, JMP Global's Jennifer Christensen and Monika Dixon, will be an amazing day to partake.

With Trevian Kutti filming for HBO Women in Chicago documentary to live streaming the event on line with Womensforum.com, we hope to help women create their dream life.  Social media converging with traditional media helps build these rockstar brands from Angela Rose, PAVE founder to MJ Tam, Chicagonista to keynote NBC Biggest Loser, Marci Crozier or DC Housewive's Mary Amons.  It will be a day to learn, network and be inspired to dream bigger.

Protein Bar is a sponsor of the event and will be helping women to make better choices in living healthier and happier. Please use "FAMILY" code until Thursday evening, April12th to receive last minute discounted pricing of $59 for the entire day's events.  www.Womensdreamconference.com or check out Eventbrite.com to register.

Andrea Metcalf, is a healthy lifestyle spokesperson for brands like Fit Studio of Sears, MultiGrain Cheerios and Egg Beaters brands.  A best selling author and serial entrepreneur, Andrea hosts and created Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, reality weight loss show on NBC Nonstop with final weigh in debut on April 21, 2012 1pm Saturday and Sunday.  www.paidtoloseit.com

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