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FitStudio Reached the Beach For A Workout

Last week I was lucky enough to fly down across the border to Playa Del Carmen with the Fit Studio Advisory board team and their Body Bootcamp winners.  Staying at the El Dorado Royale Resort with My Wellness Destination, David Pritchard brought us to a gourmet health and luxury resort to interact and burn calories on the beach. Sears is the exclusive sponsor of the Fit Studio website which offers interactive workout programs, individual exercise, fun weekly polls and gear advice for healthy seeking participants to weekend warriors.  Three winners from across the country won the trip after registering for the free Fit Studio site. Daily workouts from Angry Fit Trainer ( Alfonso ), Steve and Bonnie Psfiester from Vero Beach, Scott Herman and myself helped lead the workouts from Beach Bootcamp to Sunrise Yoga.  The group pushed themselves through the sand and in the workout rooms to gain a little strength and sweat before enjoying fresh fruits, frozen margaritas (virgin of course) and savory fish fresh from the sea.  The El Dorado Royale prides themselves on their organic offerings and fresh gourmet meals they serve and well as the on site water filtration and eco green resort practices. Fit Studio brought us together for a healthier vacation and will soon be offering ways for you to instill better health at home.  On April 29th, sign up for the FREE on line community and receive a FREE stability ball to get your fitness and health goals rolling...

Boston Marathon Course on your Pro-Form Treadmill

The Boston Marathon was established in 1887, by the Boston Athletic Association.  The B.A.A.’s Boston marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon will nearly 50,000 participants in 2012.  But realize that you have to run a marathon and qualify for this prestigious race.  This precludes many “wanna-be” runners from getting the chance to participate.  With... Read more »

Protein is key for weight loss

These days with warmer weather, you might be considering losing a few pounds before getting into that bathing suit. In fact more people dread getting into a bathing suit more than going to the dentist.   But if you are looking to lose weight, the best way to control appetite is with your diet!  Eating the... Read more »

Dream Bigger to Be Inspired

In the last year, I have had a best selling book, (Naked Fitness) appeared on the NBC Today show twice, flew an F16 jet fighter, traveled down under to Queensland, Australia, learned to surf in Costa Rica, and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the single tallest standing mountain in the world.  How could so many experiences... Read more »