Rejuvenating Laguna Beach Retreat

California is known for it's healthy living and cutting edge technologies being embraced for longevity and health.  On a recent trip to the Retreat At Laguna Beach for a taping of "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" reality weight loss tv show airing on NBC Nonstop in Chicago ( Saturday & Sunday 1pm) we were lucky enough to visit Health In Balance with Dr. Gary Arthur and Dr. Cynthia Costa.
The entire week of healthy activities was an amazing adventure for both the clients, Marissa Martin and Talie Pastiak.  They were pampered through Health in Balance's trademarked process for Rejuventaion and Detoxification:  R.A.D. Circuit.  Locales attend this wellness center for this 90 minute process on a regular basis.  The six step process starts with a Kangen water drinking which helps to neutralize stored acids and toxins to be removed from the body and enhance cellular hydration.  A simple gulp and smile after a drink was the easiest step.

The next step incorporates full body vibration therapy with oxygen saturation.  Simply stepping on the Turbosonic Machine for 10-15 minutes and breathing deeply helps enhance circulation, metabolic rate, immunity and vitality by changing strong rotation energy into vibrating energy thereby improving lymphatic drainage too.

The fourth step is the warm herbal foot bath with essential oils, hydrogen peroxide and epsom salts that will introduce magnesium and sulfates into the body to detoxify and reduce stress.  Wiping down the feet and lying down onto the dry hydrotherapy AquaMed massage bed uses warm jets of water for a deep tissue massage to circulate muscles and relieve pain.

The fifth step is enjoying a restful conversation with friends or simple meditation in the Infrared Sauna which is noted to burn calories ( up to 600+ per hour) and increase corer temperature.  Although most saunas are extremely hot and dry, this type offers a lower termperature.

The final step of this process is to rinse away the toxins and sweat in the Hydrofresh rinse shower.  The water is filtered and warm streaming from all areas and promises to rinse away your worries as well.

This amazing six step process will leave you feeling vitalized and rejuvenated from the inside out!

Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle blogger in Chicago and author of Naked Fitness, (Vanguard Press).  Check out her newest inspiration to get people fit in Chicago on NBC Nonstop, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is airing Saturday and Sunday at 1pm weekly.

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