Ten ways to find motivation to lose weight‏

I have been lucky enough to help hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds over the last twenty years.  The one question that's been asked over and over again is how do you motivate people to lose weight?  Motivation is defined as the act or an instance of motivating, or providing with a reason to act in a certain way:Synonyms: motive, inspiration, inducement, cause, impetus.

I cannot take credit for motivating anyone but here are some reasons why you might want to act in some healthier manners like walking daily, eating more vegetables and opting for better sleep patterns.  Here are  the top ten phrases that might motivate yourself to lose weight:
1. When your skinny jeans run away from you.

2. When you notice the only time you see your shoes is when they are in your closet.

3. If you open the fridge and you haven't any fruits or vegetables inside it.

4.  If you're dog is fat.

5.  When you lie on your side, you belly touches the bed and not your boobs.

6. If you take your underwear off and they elastic leaves lines around your waist.

7. When people notice you have no wrinkles even though you are over 55; at this point you've earned some or are using Botox.

8. When your scale says get off me.

9. When someone asks you when you had the baby and that was five years ago.

10.  When you jump naked in front of a mirror and your body keeps shaking even after you touched the ground.

But seriously, this isn't about looking great in the nude, it's about having more energy, feeling good about yourself and living healthier, happier ever after.  When you find yourself down, do something to make your life better.  Take a walk.  Eat a healthy salad. Call someone to go to the gym with you.  But do something-- you are worth it.

Andrea Metcalf is a Chicago fitness blogger and author of Naked Fitness.  Host and creator of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is reality weight loss tv show airs weekly on NBC Nonstop in Chicago Saturday and Sunday at 1pm.

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