Now Everyone can get paid to lose weight

Recently I started a tv show called Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is  airing on NBC Nonstop in Chicago where the trainers pay their clients $10 for every pound they lose.  The offers tips on weight loss, a five minute workout session, and the journey of 8 trainers and clients who are trying to lose 30% of their total body weight in three months.  It's had it's own reality drama happen naturally with a client quitting and then one of the trainers, but moving into the first month of airing, it's been fun.  The concept of paying people to reward them for healthy lifestyle changes is fun and works.

Well, now it's time that even if you aren't a client on the show, you can get paid to make changes too.  Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is has partnered with HealthyRally and they are putting up as well.  They are willing to pitch in $20 Plus a Chance at $1000!


You've been watching contestants on "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" get motivated to lose weight while earning cash rewards. Now you can join them at home by starting your own personal HealthRally and get paid to lose weight too!

We really want you to succeed, so we are going to kick in $20 for the first 1,000 rallies started by "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" viewers whose rallies meet these conditions:

1. Goal: Lose at least 20 pounds by June 15
2. Supporters: Have at least 10 supporters
3. Reward: Supporters pledge a minimum of $100 towards your motivational reward
4. Enter code: When you enter your goal, you must enter the code: MONEY

When these conditions are met, we'll automatically motivate you with an additional $20 into your rally, to be paid upon successful completion of your HealthRally plus you'll entered into a contest where you will have a chance to win an additional $1,000! The $1,000 contest winner will be chosen by July 15, 2012.

Now what are you waiting for? Go start your HealthRally.


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