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Weight maintenance/loss is consistently a top New Year’s resolution, and with more than 75 percent of people failing in their resolutions by February, help is needed. Two ways to help achieve weight maintenance/loss is through food and activity, yet 81 percent of Americans are either unaware or underestimate the amount of calories they consume in a day.*

When asking my clients what they had to eat yesterday, a blank stare falls upon their faces most of the time.  It's important to be conscious of what you're eating if you are trying to lose weight.  Exercise alone will not work if the amount of calories consumed is over that allotment. makes it easy to track calories - in and out - with its “Calorie Counter.” Everyday Health Calorie Counter users keep fruits and vegetables top of mind – top tracked foods include bananas, apples, strawberries – and burn calories in fun ways – dancing, vacuuming and cooking.

Knowing both calories of what you take in and put out will help guide you to a slimmer, fitter body faster.  The other advantage is the journaling effect in keeping you honest and your program on track.
Another favorite of mine is Pic Healthy by GE HealthImagination.  Simply take a picture of the food you are eating and the app allows you to share it with your friends, trainer or nutritionist to vote on how healthy it is.That way you can crowdsource the answer if you should eat it or not!  Couldn’t resist a bacon cheeseburger or chocolate cake? Your friends can comment on the photo to help get you back on track. Opted for carrot sticks or apple slices as your midday snack? Your friends can applaud your nutritious choice. Either way you have to consciously eat and move each day to be successful with your weight loss plans and everyday can be a starting day.

Andrea Metcalf is a Chicago fitness blogger and author of Naked Fitness.  Host and creator of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is reality weight loss tv show airs weekly on NBC Nonstop in Chicago Saturday and Sunday at 1pm.

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