Win a party and other Super Bowl Party Tips to Weight Loss

Living a fit and healthy lifestyle is all about moderation, moderation, moderation but sometimes you just want to throw all of it out the window and let loose! Super Bowl Parties are some of the hardest events to moderate your food and beverage intake.  Seriously, who wants to eat celery sticks and drink water while everyone around you is wolfing down French onion dip and throwing back a few drinks? While we can’t help with the dip, there is a better way to enjoy slimmer, healthier cocktails at your Super Bowl Party!

Mixers are what pack on the calories in giant steps.  Try club soda over tonic (and if you must have tonic, make sure to buy diet to reduce sodium and calorie intake!).  Mix zero calorie tea with your favorite spirits and serve over ice.  Choose lower calorie juices instead of full sugar ones and always alternative with a bubbly glass of water.  It’s your patriotic duty to stick to your new years resolution even in times of Super Bowls of pretzels, chips, and popcorn.

Other tips for healthier parties:  try making your own snack mixes using lightly salted nuts and whole grain cereals, like Multigrain Cheerios or Fiber One.  Lightly spray with olive oil, add spices like cayenne pepper, garlic powder, white pepper, or other fan favorites and roast for 15 mins in a 375F oven to “sack” in flavor.

Make sure to eat enough protein to stabilize your blood sugar so you’re not munching, munching, munching into overtime.  This turnover won’t penalize your diet.

To save money, you can win yourself a Super Bowl Party!  I found this party you can register for!  Exclusiv Vodka is the next big thing out of Moldova.  The Russian heritage of the area has gifted Moldovan distillers with the highest standards for vodka production.

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, Exclusiv Vodka is searching for the most fun and festive football-inspired cocktail. They're talking favorite team colors, creative cocktails, you name it! The winner of the contest will receive a prize package featuring Exclusiv Vodka's Rose Moscato wine, every flavor of vodka, and hip fleece jackets! To enter into the contest, readers have to "like" Exclusiv Vodka's Facebook page ( and post both an original football-inspired cocktail recipe and an assessment of Exclusiv Vodka's taste.

Make sure your Super Bowl Party if fully stocked with the best vodka around!

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