Doctors order better diet for losing weight

Battling the bulge and sticking to a diet has wins and losses.  But experts agree that weight loss comes down to three basic factors:

1) Moving

2) Eating

3) Changing behaviors

Moving: As a fitness expert, I recommend that people start doing more of something they do everyday anyway:  WALK.  Walking is easy on the joints, is a weight bearing exercise and can be done anywhere at anytime.  Walking with toes pointed forward, head balanced over your tailbone, and using deep belly breathing can tone your core and improve your posture.  Walking a mile, can burn approximately 120 calories for a 6', 190 pound male at an easy pace.  That's almost 1700 steps.  But wear a pedometer to track your steps more accurately and aim for 10,000 steps each day to reach a simple five mile goal. To get rewarded for your efforts, try the Switch to Health STEP pedometer that gives you codes to redeem for points and prizes each time you reach that 10,000 step mark.

Eating:What you put into your body matters.  A chicken sandwich that is prepared by a chef is not the same as a chicken sandwich you find at a fast food restaurant.  The quality, quantity and freshness of each meal determines its taste and calorie count.  The yummier it is, the more I feel satisfied.  That said, I recently tried Bistro MD.  Bistro MD is more than just calories and food. Weight loss experts including their founding physician to award-winning chefs and knowledgeable dietitians,  play a role in their meal planning.  Their meals are scientifically formulated based on the best and latest research into weight management and metabolism.They deliver meals to your home as well as have support needed to help you lose weight and keep it off through healthier eating.

BistroMD offers multiple menu plans starting at $129.95 a week for 5 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals as well as 7 day plans starting at $159.95 a week. All plans can be ordered with or without protein based snacks. And they also offer customized plans for clients as well as discounts for families.Bistro MD caloric ranges fluctuate between 1100-1400 calories per day. Approximately 40-45% of these calories are from lean protein, 30-35% from complex carbohydrates and 20-25% from healthy fat. These are the same percentages I use in my Naked Fitness, a 28 Day Proven Weight Loss Program fro a Slimmer, Fitter, Pain-free Body.  This  combination of carbs, fats and proteins work.

Changing behaviors:Your mind is the most powerful part of any lifestyle change.  You have to believe you can achieve your goals in order to make them come true.  It is imperative that you visualize your success. Both Olympians, professional athletes and other business professionals use these techniques to see them achieving their goals.  If you can't see yourself reaching the goal, see someone else doing it and continue to push yourself to see it.   Neuroscientists explain that mental experiences reflect chemical and electrical changes in the brain. When we change the way we think and believe we change the nuerochemicals in the brain as well.
Get your body healthy this year.  Move, eat and believe you can do it!

Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle expert and author of Naked Fitness, a 28 Day Proven Weight Loss Program for a Slimmer, Fitter, You. (Vanguard Press) Like her facebook page Andrea Metcalf Health to win in the 31 Days of Healthy Ideas for January 2012.  Each day she will be telling you about a great idea and giving it away to one lucky winner when you comment on the item. Follow on twitter to learn more @andreametcalf



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