Do fat people skip breakfast?

Although there is no statistic that I could find about the number of people who are overweight and the number of people who skip breakfast, eating breakfast has significant impact on the body.  It's a true fact that every mother would agree, that on the morning of a big assignment in school, they would never send their child  without a good breakfast.  Every high school student has been told that before taking their college enrollment test, they should eat a good breakfast.  And at every breakfast meeting or full day conference, I've attended, there has always been something provided for breakfast.

Research and imperative data shows that the body's metabolism during sleep decreases.  We also know that eating increases metabolism and by continuing to eat small amounts of food every two to three hours, the increase in metabolism continues.  Therefore, if you have a slower metabolism, you are more likely to gain weight.

Data also shows that skipping breakfast tends to make people crave higher calorie foods in the mid morning and continue to eat more calories during the day then if they have had a significant breakfast.  Therefore, you may overeat and increase your calorie intake as a result of skipping breakfast.

Overeating and a slow metabolism are key components to avoid in trying to lose weight.

So why are you skipping breakfast?

Try these simple fast breakfast ideas.  They are short on time prep but big on nutrition. Now you have no excuses to skip breakfast.

Mug Sausage and Egg Scrambler  

(This high protein breakfast and veggie provides protein, fiber and carbs to starve off hunger and stabilize blood sugar levels)


Non stick cooking spray

1/2 cup Egg Beaters Original

1/4 cup Finely chopped Onion

2 Jennie-O Turkey Breakfast Sausage Links (cook night before and keep in fridge)

Dash ground black pepper

Spray inside of large microwave safe mug with cooking spray.

Stir Egg Beaters, onion, chopped, cooked Sausage links and pepper in mug.

Microwave on HIGH 1 minute. Stir; microwave 30 seconds more or until set.

COOK'S TIP The scrambler puffs up and fills the mug while cooking. It falls quickly once removed from microwave. Use a large (15-ounce) microwave-safe mug to hold the ingredients and to reduce the chance of overflow. Mugs that are wider and shorter work best. A 2-cup glass measure may be used as well. Microwave wattages vary; adjust cook time as needed. Cook the scrambler just until the egg is set.

Jennie-O Turkey Breakfast Sausage contain only 5 grams of fat per serving, 90 calories and 10 grams of protein.  They are 65% less fat than regular pork sausage.  Egg Beaters are made with all natural egg white and only 25 calories per serving with zero fat, cholesterol and a good source of protein.

another option:

Peanut Butter and MultiGrain Cheerios

This may seem like an unlikely pair but combining the great taste of peanut butter, it's essential fat and protein with a whole grain like Multi-Grain Cheerios, it's something that can stick to your ribs and your spoon making it easy on the run.


Justin's Peanut Butter 2 teaspoons

1 cup Multi Grain Cheerios

to-go spoon and cup ( Use Tupperware as a green alternative)

Take a plastic cup and fill with 2 teaspoons of Justin's All Natural Peanut Butter.  Add one cup of Multi Grain Cheerios and mix together.

Disclaimer: Andrea Metcalf has personally reviewed and worked with the products listed above. She may receive compensation for her inclusion of some brands in this post. 

Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle expert and author of Naked Fitness, a 28 Day Proven Weight Loss Program for a Slimmer, Fitter, You. (Vanguard Press) Like her facebook page Andrea Metcalf Health to win in the 31 Days of Healthy Ideas for January 2012.  Each day she will be telling you about a great idea and giving it away to one lucky winner when you comment on the item. Follow on twitter to learn more @andreametcalf

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