5 ways to stay motivated about your resolution

Wondering how to stick to this year's New Year's resolution?  It doesn't matter if it's weight loss or getting healthier, to stick to any change you need to take baby steps.  Try these 5 steps to stay motivated so you can make the changes you need.

S – Set a schedule - just as you would schedule lessons for your daughter's music, schedule your workouts in your smartphone or date book.  It starts with putting the time aside for yourself.
 T – Time your workouts.  Even ten minutes can make a difference in your health and incremental exercise is as effective as  consecutive minutes of exercise.  Try any of these to see a difference in your body.  1) running 7 mph on a treadmill, 2)bodyweight-only squats, 3) jumping rope, 4) walking lunges while holding 10-pound dumbbells or even no weights.
P – Progression takes time.  Your progress is worth noting.  So look for progressions that are easy to measure.  Number of  minutes, number of reps, or number of workouts can build to bigger numbers and a leaner body.
S – Success matters.  Even the smallest success should be noted.  Set small victory goals like 10% of your body weight or celebrate the first 10 pounds you lose or the first time you walk a mile without stopping.  You have to give yourself a pat on the back once in a while in order to achieve your goals.

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