Yoga is key for calm

Yoga poses offer increased circulation, body awareness and can help reduce the stress and anxiety of the holiday season or a stressful day at the office.  To ensure your "om" or "chi" life force, try these simple yoga moves at the beginning or end of the day.

1. Cat - Cow.  Start on hands and knees and round and arch the spine.  Include the stretch and movement of your head up and down while breathing throughout this exercise.  Try for 1-2 minutes of slow paced rolling of the spine.
2. Up Cobra - This cobra pose can be for everyone.  Allow your shoulders to relax and inhale as you lift your chin and feel the stretch underneath your rib cage through your abdominals  Drop the chin and increase the space between your shoulder blades on the exhale.  
3. Waterfall - This move may be done against a wall to support your feet or even try adding a pillow under your hips.  The stretch in the back of the legs eases pressure on the spine and the elevation of the legs increases circulation to your core.
Remember connecting the breath with the moves is key to mind focus.  This enables your stress levels to decrease, blood pressure to lower and mind to relax. "Ohmmm"  peace.

Fit STudio calming yoga

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