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Commercial breaks can be the answer to weight loss

If you are thinking about hitting the gym for exercise but it is only in the "thought stage".  It's time to start getting ready for some exercise even though you may consider yourself to be a couch potato.  Here are 5 quick ways for couch potatoes to get fit!  Each of these exercises can be done for one entire 30 second commercial break.  Do them throughout your favorite television shows to tone up that body.  You may sprout into a fit, buff body before you know it!
1. Stand up for yourself!  from the sofa!  Perform as many stand ups during each commercial break to strengthen the lower body. If standing up from the sofa is difficult.  Pull yourself up with the coffee table.  It still uses the lower body but can take the pressure off the knees and hips until they are strong enough to do it freely.

2. The Sofa Swim. Seated on the couch, lean back and lift your legs.  Flutter kick them as if you are splashing in the water.  This helps strengthen the core and thighs.  If you can't flutter kick the legs, just lift and lower them slowly until you gain the strength to make a splash.

3. Roll over. Start seated in the middle of the sofa and lean over to your side and roll back up.  Try to do this without using your arms and tucking your knees into your body.  Roll to the right side and return to center and then the left.  If using your arms is needed, start there!

4. Rock it.  Start seated on the sofa and rock your hips toward your thighs as you lift your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades together.  Next roll back curling your hips under and bring your chest toward your belly but don't allow your shoulder blades or back to touch the sofa.  Continue to curl and arch your spine to strengthen the core.

5. Can! Can!  Seated on the sofa kick your legs to the front ten times to the corners ten times for the commercial break. Reach your arms up overhead side to side on the corner kicks.  (Just keep the shades down in case someone drives by your windows.)

Andrea Metcalf is a healthy living expert and author of Naked Fitness.  Check out to see how you can eat chocolate and lose weight.

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