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More reasons to walk - fish jump on board

Walking has numerous health benefits. In Chicago, however, walking outside may not be the first idea for exercise but let me give you three reasons why you should! 1.  Burn more calories.  Walking in the cold burns more calories than walking in a warm climate.  Researchers say that exercising in the cold helps turn on... Read more »

Surviving the Holidays

Here are a few quick tips for successfully cheating the holiday weight gain. 1. Calories Count – Whether its a football game at friends, a holiday buffet or the big family party, you have to be calorie wise.  Take a few of your favorite foods and learn the calorie pitfalls.  One I see at the... Read more »

New outdoor weather gear in Chicago

Winters in Chicago are like not other… .except well maybe, New York and Minnesota which all have their share of  Patagonia (, stores.  So Chicago was the next likely candidate to have one open again.  Patagonia is an environmentally conscious brand of outdoor clothing and gear. The second City has a second Chicago location (48 E. Walton... Read more »

Yoga is key for calm

Yoga poses offer increased circulation, body awareness and can help reduce the stress and anxiety of the holiday season or a stressful day at the office.  To ensure your “om” or “chi” life force, try these simple yoga moves at the beginning or end of the day. 1. Cat – Cow.  Start on hands and... Read more »

Holiday recipe for a healthier new year: Inspire weight loss with a fit gift

This holiday season when scurrying the stores and scanning the internet, think about how you can inspire a healthy longer life for the ones you love!  Here are some great ideas to keep your friends, family and those you love fit with inspirational gifts this holiday. For the gym bag or stocking: Under $20 First... Read more »

Couch Potato Fitness

Commercial breaks can be the answer to weight loss If you are thinking about hitting the gym for exercise but it is only in the “thought stage”.  It’s time to start getting ready for some exercise even though you may consider yourself to be a couch potato.  Here are 5 quick ways for couch potatoes... Read more »

5 Ways to stay healthy this winter

An estimated 22 million people get sick over the winter season.  It’s time to step up your healthy living habits. Try these five easy tips for a healthy year. 1. Step it up! Start walking at least 30 minutes a day or trying for 10,000 steps with a pedometer. 2. Catnap. If you are not... Read more »

Eat your chocolate and lose weight

There are few foods I can’t live without. Chocolate is one of them.  The good news about chocolate is that it’s healthy.  Chocolate is made from plants and contain many of the same health benefits of dark vegetables.  The flavonoids act as antioxidants.  Antioxidants are the anti-aging components that slow the oxidation of the body... Read more »