Surviving the holidays - weight loss solutions

It's that time of year when treats and turkey dripping are adding over 100 calories a day to our normal diets.  That culminates by December 31st in a weight gain instead of loss in the next six weeks.  So in an effort to avoid this 8-10 pound average waistline crisis.  Here are a few tips to try as a weight loss solution to survive the holidays this year.

1) Orange you leaner.  Skip the butter, marshmallows and brown sugar on the sweet potatoes this Thanksgiving.  Instead try zesting an orange over the top of mashed sweet potatoes and then a small sprinkle of raw sugar.  You can take this one step further and try making sweet sprinkled orange strips like my friend Ryan Hutmacher of Centered Chef does.  Use a peeler to strip the orange then slice thinly.  Soak in one cup simple syrup (equal parts of water and table sugar boiled then cooled) and then lie on a cookie sheet overnight.  You can sprinkle a little more table sugar on top here too.  They dry out and are a wonderful low calorie treat or a great addition to sweet potatoes or other vegetables.

2) Hummer is nice.  Well that's actually hummus not hummer.  (fun typo) Avoid high calorie dips made with sour cream and substitute hummus instead.  Hummus has more fiber, protein and lower calories than sour cream.  Plus a little hummus with sweet pepper jelly on top makes an amazing spicy, sweet, blood sugar stabilizing treat!-- and it's a quick whip up for company. Serve with sliced red peppers or cucumbers instead of crackers.  YUM!

3) Can't beat the berries.  Although pies, cakes and creams are wonderful treats, if you substitute berries with whipped cream, you'll save more than 300 calories each serving!  It can be a beautiful treat if you alternate the berries in a parfait dish with greek style yogurt mixed with a low calorie sweetener or honey.  Finish the treat with a whip cream dollop and sprinkles.

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