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Surviving the holidays - weight loss solutions

It’s that time of year when treats and turkey dripping are adding over 100 calories a day to our normal diets.  That culminates by December 31st in a weight gain instead of loss in the next six weeks.  So in an effort to avoid this 8-10 pound average waistline crisis.  Here are a few tips... Read more »

Dr. Oz Foam Roller!

Dr. Oz features the best anti aging products on the highly rated Dr. Oz show every week.  Included in the segment was one of my favorite flexiblity tools, a foam roller.  The unique thing about this product, however, is that with the Trainer Brand foam roller, there is no worry about how to use it!  The pictures of the exercises... Read more »

Better sleep helps weight loss, energy and happiness

Each night most of us hit the pillow and dream away the day; Wait that’s not the truth, more and more research is showing that sleep isn’t sound or restful. Many people spend time counting sheep or staring at the ceiling. Research is growing about a relationship between weight gain and brain performance. Therefore it’s... Read more »