Tips for Exercise - from beginner to advanced.

Beginners - Newbies

Biggest mistake: Too much too soon.

Be consistent not intermittent. 

Start with cardio first. Walking is easiest. People who walk are more likely to continue with an exercise program.

Tip: break the segments into three ten-minute workouts is as effective a single thirty-minute workout.


Intermediate - Athletics

Biggest mistake: Doing the same fitness program

Change up your routine. Muscle “confusion” (changing up the muscles you are using) helps you keep making improvements and stay balanced.

Tip: Walk or run sideways, backwards, skip, add incline or shuffle. 


Advanced - Warriors 

Biggest mistake - Skipping the stretch

Advanced exercisers seem to focus on the “no pain, no gain” attitude; Creating a ritual stretch program is key to preventing injury, resetting muscle tension, and keeping the body in alignment.

Tip: Strengthen the “tight” muscles and stretch the strong ones.

Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle spokesperson, author of Naked Fitness, and fitness expert for AnytimeFitness clubs.

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