The Kilamanjaro Project: climbing a mountain everyday

Day 2 in Africa brings new light.  A chance to see the markets in Moshi town before we embark tomorrow for the climb.  We are adjusting to the heated dry climate and jet lag is slow to melt away.


We head into town for a bit of shopping. Carved animals, painted canvas and rocks and small beaded jewelry to choose from. The town people are angry if you take their pictures without offering money.  They believe the Americans will sell their photos and be left with nothing in return.  It seems like a strange custom but things are thrown at my camera man in the market and we move quickly down the aisles.  It seems strange the abundance of food here with much poverty just steps away.  After the market, we headed to the Coffee Union which is an icon of Moshi being one of the first coffee houses in the 1900's.


Back to Springland Hotel, the group converges for the first time in its entirety.  Some that came early are back from safari and all have made it safely to Tanzania.  We enjoy the brief conversations, the details of tomorrows trek from our guides and drift off to an early bed call.  My body is jittery and slightly buzzed from the tablet of diamox.  This magic pill will be the saving grace for avoiding full onset of altitude hallucinations and oxygen debt on summit day.  However, prior to that altitude, I feel like I just had three red bulls and vodkas--buzzed and yawning at the same time.


The silent night calls howl in the distance.  I finally rest.



This is a ten day journey with summit on Uruhu Peak and ending on Safari with ZARA Tours in Tanzania.  It was one of the most tenuous and incredible journeys of my life.  Thank you to all the sponsors that helped fund this trip and gave to the Ovarian Cancer research fund; - donations still being accepted.

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