Lose Weight While You Sleep

1. Building Muscles Increases Metabolism

Did you know that building one pound of muscle can burn an additional 100-150 calories per night while sleeping.

2. How many calories do I need?

Typically, adding a “0” to your current weight is the number of calories needed to maintain your weight.  If you are eating more than this number, you will be gaining weight.

3. Most people gain 10 pounds each decode.

Although you might not gain 10 pounds every decade after 40 on the scale, your body loses muscle mass significantly every year due to decreased levels of human growth hormones.  Building muscles through strength and resistance training can fight the aging process. As little as eating a mere 200 calories more each day will result in a weight gain of 20 pounds a year.  Think if you are burning 200 calories more a day by adding a mile walk before and after work!

4. Sleep deprivation changes hormone levels.

Recent date links increased appetite to increased gherlin levels which result from lack of sleep.  Gherlin raises as leptin levels drop-- this means you will crave sugars and burn more muscle than fat on a daily basis. Most people will need a minimum of 6 hours of sleep per night  Napping can help!  Try for 15-20 minute catnaps during the day when sleep is deprived.

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