Foot pain - 10 Ways to Pamper your feet with Exercise -

If you were heels or boots, your feet may be taking the burden; here are ten exercises to ease foot pain, prevent it and make your piggies go all the way home.

1. Ball rolling  - freeze a golf ball and roll under the ball of your feet

2. Heel walks - lift toes and take steps to stretch your calf and strengthen your shin muscles

 3. Boot tights - this product offers cute nylons with socks built right in

4. No mules - skip the clogs can go for a full shoe

5. Gym it - wear flats and gymshoe when walking long distances - there are cute ones out there and some heels with orthopedic features like dansko

6. Draw the alphabet - take your big toe as the pencil - stretches and strengthens the muscles around the ankle

7. Soak it - epsom salts really work for soaking your feet and other tired muscles

8. Marble picking - actually take your socks off and practice picking up marbles or small items off the floor

9. Toe grippers - putt a towel on the floor and scrunch it using the muscles in your feet

10. Rolling pins - aren't just for making pizza dough; use as a foot massager before bed or first thing in the morning... but don't forget to put it in the dishwasher after use!

Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle spokesperson, author of Naked Fitness and loves to wear heels with a great power outfit!  Take care of your feet and take care of your body! Be healthy, be moved.

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