Exercise brings Confidence against Cyberbullying; fight for fitness

These days people may say that kids will be kids but Cyberbullying and bullying in general brings a whole new meaning to the term to “Mean Girls”.  One way to help your teen fight their way out of this cycle is by helping them with self esteem and confidence.  In my own personal experience, karate, tae kwondo and other martial arts are a great way to teach discipline, strength, honor and build self esteem.  All three of my children and myself were enrolled in taekwondo classes while they were still in grade school.


Having the pleasure of meeting fitness guru and creator of Tae Bo fitness craze of the nineties, Billie Blanks still evangelizes the power of fitness and self defense in bringing self worth to the table.  The results from a regular martial arts program provide great flexibility training, cardiovascular conditioning and strength gains as well.  With a little more confidence and self esteem, teens may feel empowered enough to stand up and stop someone from bullying them into poor decision and bad behavior.  Look for a local park district or martial arts studio in your area to get started.  In the meantime, here are a few basic moves from my fitness boxing class. Alternate each move for 2-3 sets and you will have your own 10 minute boxing workout.


1.the Jab - Start in athletic stance with feet wide and knees slightly bent. Make a relaxed fist with both hands, elbows bent with wrist at shoulders.  Press the punch outward with the extended arm finishing with the top knuckle slightly upward.  This will keep your elbow down and close to the body.  Pull the punch back to starting position. Repeat on the other side.  Remember to keep shoulders down and relaxed and always bringing the punch back to starting position.  This will help keep the joints involved in a safe range of motion.  Try alternating punches for 1-2 minutes.

2. the Board Break - Start with arms overhead in relaxed fists and stretch upward.  Lift the knee and push the arms forcefully downward past the knee as if breaking a board over your knee.  Reach back up towards the sky and repeat on the other knee.  Try this board break drill for 1-2 minutes.

3. speed roll - Start with arms bent overhead, palms downward and spin the wrists around each other.  Picture a speedbag overhead and slightly in front of you and each time you spin the wrist you are hitting the imaginary bag.  With your lower body shuffle your feet in a light jogging motion.  Spin those arms


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