Breast Assured exercise can help

October is National Breast cancer awareness month.  Women in the United States get breast cancer more than any other type of cancer except for skin cancer. It is second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer death in women.  Exercise is a great step in helping reduce your risk of breast cancer and survival rate as well.

Here are 5 reasons you should start exercising now:

HORMONE HELP - Exercise pumps up the immune system and lowers estrogen levels. With as little as four hours of exercise per week, a woman can begin to lower her risk of breast cancer.  Those who exercised at least four hours a week during their leisure time had a 37 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer compared with those who were sedentary.

TAKE PAUSE- Exercise is a contributing factor to reducing the risk of breast cancer in post-menopausal women. About 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer each year are over age 50, and almost half are age 65 and older.

BENCH PRESS PUMP -Exercise, specifically strength training, helps reduce the chances of lymphedema occurrences in survivors. In a study at the University of Pennsylvania conducted by the National Institutes of Health, 14% of the exercisers experienced a flare-up in their lymphedema, compared with 29% of the non-exercisers after one year.

TRAIN LIKE A GIRL - High levels of moderate and vigorous physical activity during adolescence has been found to reduce risks greater than starting later in life.  Although the best time to start is now, being role models to our daughters is sage advice too.

KEEP LEAN - Physical activity may prevent cancer by assisting with weight maintenance to avoid a high body mass and excess body fat. People who are obese have an abnormally high and unhealthy proportion of body fat. Obesity and physical inactivity may account for 25 to 30 percent of several major cancers including breast cancer.


Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle spokesperson, author of Naked Fitness ( Vanguard Press ) and advocate for  Also check out more inspirational news with Kilamanjaro blogs featuring stories about women surviving ovarian cancer.


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