Are you happy? Move to Boulder or have more sex

I was lucky enough to meet up with Dan Buettner and speak with him about his new book, “THRIVE”.  Dan is author of the New York Times best seller, "The Blue Zones" This book focuses on happiness rather than longevity.


“Thrive” explores four parts of the world where people are happiest and reveals the secrets and personal habits that contribute their bliss and high level of well-being.


National Geographic assisted in supplying various scientific data to measure happiness around the world pointing to a high level of satisfaction and well-being.  Happier people tend to live longer. So understanding how to be happier is the intention of this book.


Dan cites that characteristics of the happiest people in America ( from a survey of 1.4 million ) include:

Sleeping 8-9 hours per day

Learning something new and interesting everyday

Finding it easy to get clean and safe water

Having enough money to buy food

Visiting the dentist each year

Socializing 7 hours per day


It’s interesting to see how socialization plays a role in our happiness level.  Maybe it’s time to start chatting more in the coffee house or grocery store.


But even if you aren’t in sync with the list above.  There are things you can do to be noticeably happier in the next 24 hours based on research from the book:

Eat a low fat breakfast

Take a 30 minute work or workout before noon ( He notes, this helps bump up your happiness for up to 12 hours of well being )



Have sex at least once - there it is once again!

Sleep for 8 hours


If you want to eat your way to more happiness, you should eat more of these foods or prepare meals with them.

nuts (pistachios and walnuts)


Sunflower seeds



Interesting to see the good fats and nutrients in these foods... especially Spinach - Popeye was definitely a happy person!


He was surprised to find, that religious people were happier and the 6-7 hours of socialization was a surprise as well.   Getting back to the statistics, in 2011 Boulder, CO was the happiest place in America.  Key things that the happiest people have in common:

Spending no more than one hour a day on social networks

Spending 8 hours a week or more volunteering

Having sex at least once a day

Listening to two hours of music a day

Doing yoga 8 hours per week

Taking 26 days of vacation per year

Watching about 45 minutes of TV/ day

Having a dog

Liking the color yellow

Sleeping for 8 hours

Trusting others


To take the test for yourself: go to and see how happy you are or move to Boulder and have more sex! (That’s a form of exercise)



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    Did you just stop trying? So have sex at least once a day even though that's not your choice entirely? Then you say liking yellow and taking 26 days vacation, don't you think that's unrealistic.

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