If you have never participated in a triathlon, I heartily recommend it.  I participate in the Life Time Chicago Triathlon whenever I can and this past Sunday was a race to remember.  You train, you race, you finish--those are my three legs of competition.  And then you smile!

I'm still excited about it.  I was in a relay (biking the 2nd leg) with Chicago Sun-Times photojournalist Jean Lachat (swimming the first leg) and former TV sports reporter Amy Jacobson (running the final leg) who is now at Fox Radio in Chicago.  We had a lot of fun and we motored our way across the course the best we could in the Windy City.  Turns out that our swimmer was in the same wave as Rahm Emanuel, the Mayor of Chicago.  What a great surprise!  He is really fit.

For those of you who know Chicago, this course has the swim in beautiful Monroe Harbor.  One of the professional triathletes, Alicia Kaye, described it as "clear and clean, like swimming in the Caribbean."  The water did get pretty choppy but Jean is a great swimmer.  Last year, she photographed the race for the Chicago Sun-Times; this year, she was in the water racing as hard as she could!

I love to bike, and this race has a beautiful course along Lake Shore Drive.  When else can you ride in the two inner lanes for a bike race in a major city?  Headwind and tailwinds were high at the 29th annual event but I was exhilarated. ( Just Andrea Metcalf flying around the city again.)

Meet-ups in transitions can be tricky but Amy was ready and waiting and took off running when I handed off my chip.  That girl can run...must be from chasing after sports players for interviews all those years.

And then just as we were feeling great after a good solid workout, a great race and a finish.we were excited to learn that Professional Triathlete Sarah Haskins, 30, won the female pro competition--winning the Life Time Chicago Triathlon for the third consecutive year.  That has never happened before in triathlon history.  I'm definitely rooting for Sarah Haskins, a 2008 Olympian, to make it on to the USA Women's Triathlon team for the 2012 London Olympics.

Women just rock, don't they?

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