Green your routine: ideas to reduce your carbon footprint

These days everyone wants to leave a little less carbon footprint.  However there are stumbling blocks. Information changes so quickly about how to green your life.  At times it seems to be more expensive. Plus most people aren’t sure where to start. Bottom line, going green gets left behind.  Recently I spent a few days in Boulder, CO living in a Zero Energy home in a Green House weekend with wonderful sponsors messaging ways to go green.
The Green house was a somewhat modern design and the first home in a neighborhood built to be green.  It felt like any other home; great spacious kitchen, wonderful stove by LG, Energy Hub told us which appliances were drawing energy, a simple upstairs and recycled windshield and wine bottle glass counter tops throughout the home.  The solar panels on top the roof blended in so perfectly.  It was then I started thinking that living green may be a little smarter and in this home, no electric or gas bill sounded like a great idea.
A few things anyone can do to be a little greener and live smarter include:

Reduce water consumption:  use low flow, water efficient fixtures or add a brick to your current toilet, fix leaky faucets, and shower to only one song in the shower.

Kitchen ideas: Use cloth napkins, Tupperware ( instead of plastic baggies or wraps) eat fresh. Instead of cooking-use less energy--Raw foods like fruits and veggies add fiber, water and nutrients to your diet so you may take up less space and lose weight too.

Buy local: Buying local cuts down on energy to bringing your food to your markets and it’s typically fresher; I have had a few people say it’s a little more expensive but remember that it’s probably that much better for you as well... Instead of taking supplements you can eat more fresh to get your nutrients from food!

Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle spokesperson, author of Naked Fitness and fitness expert for Anytime Fitness.  She is a contributor to NBC Chicago and Better TV.  Be healthy, be moved.

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