The Flat Belly Workout

The Flat Belly Workout - Tips on how to quick crunching and the best core toners.

It seems that everyone these days is looking for that six-pack abs and no longer are eight minute ab routines on the regimen.  Today’s waistline whittler wants more than just crunches.  NBC Fitness Coach Andrea Metcalf tackles the waistline crisis with core moves that help trim the fat off the midsection.
Pilate’s moves focus on alignment and all the muscles that support the spine.  Targeting a flat belly? Try these core toners:
Waistline Reaches - Starting in a sitting position with knees bent and feet lifted off the floor, lift through the rib cage and reach to the back corner on the left then back to center, then right side.  Repeat this move for 20-30 repetitions.  Core muscles are “slow twitch” which means they respond better to endurance movements than power.  (Power tip: extend the feet toward the ceiling to challenge the body on this move.)
Another one not to miss in the gym is Cable diagonal pulls.  Start standing with cable overhead and to the side, as well as arms extended throughout the pull.  Pull the cable across and down on an angle.  Perform 15-20 reps then repeat on the other side.  This move should also be done across the body with cable at shoulder height and lastly from the ground up towards the ceiling across the body.  Heaviest weight should be used while cable is high and slowly decrease the tension as you move the cable closer to the ground utilizing gravity’s resistance.
Another one  of my favorite moves is the jackknife with feet on the ball.  Adding the ball to this move increases the rotational wasitline muscles as well increases balance muscles on the entire body.
Start with feet up on the ball and body extended.  Starting with the arms reach up toward the ceiling. This works the entire length of the abs. Perform 10-15 repetitions with feet on the ball and then 10-15 more with knees bent and arms reaching overhead.
Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle expert, author of Naked Fitness and passionate about fitness.

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