The blonde australian adventure

My first trip to the outback started with a run thru O'Hare airport.  This was an appropriate start for a fitness expert's journey.  My adrenaline was pumping as I wondered if I was going to make my United flight - the first of three air jumps totaling 22 hours in the air and another 7 hours on the ground!


Challenge Cairns kicks off with Airport Adventure Festival banner in the airport Cairns

Upon gate arrival, I was greeted by a 30 minute delay.  This delayed flight pattern continued due to weather conditions throughout the Midwest.  An uneventful four hour flight landed me in the city of angels, L.A. Meeting yet another hour delay.

Next leg was the mother of all planes and longest time I'd ever spent flying in air.  87 rows deep, 10 seats across and individual tv programming filled the expanse of the Qantas airbus 767.  Snacks, dinner, breakfast and a personal care pack including fresh toothbrush, eye blinded and headphones were included.  The flight to Brisbane flew by believe it or not with comfortable sleep and unlimited movies.  Air attendants were bubbly and personable with the curt accent of true Australians.  Menu included chicken ratouille, key lime dessert, scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms, as well as snacks of fresh mini apples, butter biscuits, chocolates and shoestring potato sticks. 

Landing in Brisbane, now Saturday morning, delivered sunshine and smiles.  A quick trip thru customs, a steamed tea latte and purchase of Australian adapters readied me for my next 2 hour flight to Cairn (pronounced "Caan").  By the way when you use your credit card, they will ask you "numbers or sign." This threw me for a bit not understanding that it was really debit or credit they were asking about!  I eventually caught on between the accents and readied myself for the "sign" answer.

Upon landing in Cairn (pronounced "Can"), I found a giant welcome sign for the Cairn's Airport Adventure Festival which was the reason I was invited.  This marked the first site of this amazing trip.  I could feel the vibration already!

Kate, from Queensland Tourism, met me at the airport and we shuttled on to Palm Cove for lunch and finally to Sea Temple in Port Douglas.  Port Douglas was the home base for the Festival kickoff the next day. 

Look out, Down Under!  Naked fitness has arrived and I've stripped away the excuses to see all the bare essentials the Aussies' have to offer!
I was graciously invited to Queensland by the family of Challenge Cairns and the Tourism Board of Queensland, Australia.  All events and opinions are strictly my own and I was not compensated for my views.  I am a healthy lifestyle advocate and author of Naked Fitness.  This adventure was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I wanted to share to inspire others to dream, try and live your fullest life.  You will be in better health when you leave than when you came to Australia.

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