Olympic Snowboard Princess Gretchen Bleiler

At a recent retreat hosted by Oakley, Asics and Toyota, I was lucky enough to meet up with 2006 Olympic Silver medalist Gretchen Bleiler in snowboarding   A Kate Hudson look-a-like, Gretchen has the girl next door looks and carefree attitude that one might not believe of an international superstar athlete.

Although she was born a mid-westerner, when they moved to Aspen, CO the snowboarding world had a new princess.  After winning the silver medal and topping the XGames World year after year, she created the first-ever all-girls halfpipe competition and photo shoot called the Snow Angels Invitational.  She truly emits the Oakley branded weekend of Perform Beautifully!

Here's a quick interview with Gretchen this past weekend while biking through Napa Valley.

How are things going with your training schedule?

Gretchen:  My  schedule is always a bit hectic but filled with loads of travel.  I hit new Zealand in August and just boarded Mammoth.

Will you be competing in the next 2014 Olympics?

Gretchen: I'll be taking this next season to decide.  possibly...

How has the sport changed over the years?

Gretchen:  It's become more acrobat than ever before but more training tools like pads foam pits and air bags make it safer too.

Are you  ever scared?

Gretchen:  Yes,  but you visualize every part of it before you do it then you relax commit and hit it.  It's exciting.

What makes you different?

Gretchen:  I always wanted to be an Olympian since  I was two years old.  I  played hockey and then started snowboarding- I always believed.  I never thought it wouldn't happen!

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